Our team of lawyers specialising in commercial law has ample experience in the many fields that make up this specialty, allowing us to provide comprehensive consulting services to companies, closely cooperating with their own legal departments, as well as through integration of our firm’s team of professionals from the taxation and labour departments, providing us with a global outlook that allows for optimal assessment.

We provide consulting services to all manner of commercial companies from family businesses to members of national business groups in all fields related to their corporate business.

Our services cover all tasks in corporate counselling, including the drafting of deeds, secretary duties and legal advice for boards of directors and shareholder meetings, as well as the drafting of the appropriate corporate decisions.

We have an solid experience in:

Our ample experience in providing counselling to family businesses has allowed us to witness the significant importance of family estate planning. We closely cooperate with the taxation and labour law departments to optimise the transfer of businesses in all their fields through the drafting of family records, shareholders’ agreements, wills, acceptance of inheritances and donations inter-vivos or mortis causa.


Moreover, we have solid experience in the drafting and negotiation of all manner of contracts and in solving questions or doubts regarding their interpretation.

We can accompany you throughout the entire process of real estate transactions, providing counselling and drafting all manner of deeds of sale, purchase options, leases, barters, construction and operating contracts,  de la contratación inmobiliaria, les acompañamos durante todo el proceso mediante el asesoramiento y redacción de todo tipo de contratos de compraventa, opciones de compra, arrendamiento, permutas, contratos de construcción y explotación, assignation of rights to build new stories or surfaces, as well as consolidations, severances, , así como agregaciones, segregaciones, declaration of new works, division of joint freeholds, or any other urban development or real estate operations, teaming up with the professionals from our firm to provide global counselling with a special focus on the taxation of the operations.