VIA TRIBUT is made up from a large team of specialists with extensive experience in the world of taxation and who are ready to suit the needs of each and every client.

Our taxation area offers clients the means to optimise and plan their management, thus reducing their tax burden within the possibilities offered by national and international tax regulations.

Our firm’s clients range from large companies to small businesses, from Spanish clients to international clients. The transversal nature of our portfolio, along with the experience acquired over years of work, has provided us with extensive knowledge of tax law and management. The professionals in our taxation area provide our clients with a number of taxation services geared towards achieving the highest levels of quality and productivity in counselling, contributing the knowledge and experience required to face situations and provide confident answers in the complex and ever-changing world of tax regulations.

We provide consulting services to all manner of commercial companies from family businesses to members of national business groups in all fields related to their corporate business.

Our services cover all tasks in corporate counselling, including the drafting of deeds, secretary duties and legal advice for boards of directors and shareholder meetings, as well as the drafting of the appropriate corporate decisions.

Our services in the taxation area include: